Sadly, most of us have been there. A precious day or two off class to attend a professional development course that was a complete waste of time! Ineffective, often featuring external experts providing limited instruction on skills, with little account taken for the contextual nature of your work and failing to deliver practical strategies that you can implement back in your classroom. 

However, as educators we know the importance of continuous effective professional learning. We know that the biggest factor to influence student outcomes is the quality of our teaching and that high quality professional learning will help develop our skills. 

So, what is the recipe for effective professional learning? There is a significant body of work focused on what constitutes effective professional learning and AITSL have summarised these into 3 features of effective professional learning that are likely to produce the most benefits for learners.   

Effective professional learning is


  • Uses current research 
  • Is timely 
  • Linked to school goals 
  • Matched to learner goals 
  • Focuses on student outcomes and identified needs 
  • Seeks new solutions 


  • Involves observation, reflection and feedback 
  • Learning from experts 
  • Creating learning communities 
  • Utilises coaching and mentoring 

Future Focused  

  • Meets future needs 
  • Develops high level skills 
  • Uses research and inquiry 
  • Innovative and challenging 

Partnering with Edudicio you will become part of a global community that develops teacher expertise with professional learning that is  relevant, collaborative and future-focused. 


AITSL, Designing Professional Learning, 2014